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The goal was to create an Autonomous AI Agent for automating software testing, generating test cases, performing various tests, and more.

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Internship Finder

An interactive web app helps users find customized internships by uploading their resume, extracting key details and matching relevant opportunities to apply.

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Learn how Unbody migrated to Weaviate, becoming the first vector database headless CMS and accelerating the shift to a comprehensive AI API platform.

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StudySenseiCommunity projects
StudySensei combines AI and human insights to create personalized study schedules on Notion. Using GPT-3.5, Weaviate, and the Notion API, it tailors plans to your study time and goals. Future enhancements include a website/app, a scheduling chatbot, and advanced multi-course management.
Autonomous Agents HackathonAssistant, Education
Autonomous AI Agent is developed to streamline software testing by understanding complex requirements, generating test cases, conducting unit, usability, and acceptance tests (using tools like Selenium), and providing detailed feedback and reports.Autonomous Agents HackathonCode Generation, Developer Tools, Productivity, Utility & Tools
The Image Generator Tester (IGT) integrates Weaviate and DALL-E-2, enabling users to generate multiple prompts or images from one. It serves as an Image-Based AI Tester, helping developers evaluate AI models in image recognition and generation, fostering continuous improvement and deeper understanding of image generation technologies.Autonomous Agents HackathonDeveloper Tools
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