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  Unit review

In this unit, you have acquired valuable knowledge on querying Weaviate to retrieve the right objects or aggregate information effectively. We dived deep into various vector search parameters available in Weaviate, such as nearVector, nearObject, and nearText, and filters that can be applied to refine your search results by focusing on specific criteria, enabling you to extract more accurate and relevant information.

You have also learned some of the key principles around how Weaviate applies these parameters to perform searches. You have learned how certain vector search parameters are used, and how filtering works.

Now that you are armed with knowledge about how to query Weaviate, in the next module we will learn how to build a Weaviate instance, from schema creation to data import.

  Learning outcomes

Now, you should be able to:

  • Construct 'Get' queries to retrieve relevant objects and desired properties.
  • Construct 'Aggregate' queries to retrieve aggregated properties about relevant objects.
  • Differentiate and apply appropriate vector search parameters with filters such as nearVector, nearObject and nearText with distance and limit thresholds.
  • Add filters to queries.
  • Describe how Weaviate applies vector search parameters and filters to perform searches.