Weaviate development setup

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💡 You are looking at older or release candidate documentation. The current Weaviate version is v1.15.2

This page contains how to set up your local environment for development on Weaviate.


  1. Go
  2. Docker
  3. Docker compose

In order to run local dev env issue:

Start up all dependencies (e.g. modules inference containers) and compile/run Weaviate locally. This script assumes a contextionary-based setup:

Default setup (contextionary module)

tools/dev/restart_dev_environment.sh && ./tools/dev/run_dev_server.sh

You can also run with different modules, e.g.:

Transformers t2v only

tools/dev/restart_dev_environment.sh --transformers && ./tools/dev/run_dev_server.sh local-transformers

Contextionary t2v & Transformers QnA

tools/dev/restart_dev_environment.sh --qna && ./tools/dev/run_dev_server.sh local-qna

The above commands are subject to change as we add more modules and require specific combinations for local testing. You can always inspect the two files to see which options are contained. The first option without any arguments is always guarateed to work.

To make query search use this link for console: https://console.semi.technology/.

More Resources

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please look at the:

  1. Knowledge base of old issues. Or,
  2. For questions: Stackoverflow. Or,
  3. For issues: Github. Or,
  4. Ask your question in the Slack channel: Slack.

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