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💡 You are looking at older or release candidate documentation. The current Weaviate version is v1.15.2

This guide provides you with all the resources you need to develop on Weaviate and it's related offerings.

How to contribute

There’s roughly two ways you can contribute to the development of Weaviate:

  1. By directly contributing to the open source code in Github, or
  2. By using, testing, sharing, giving feedback and proposing ideas via one of our communication channels.

This guide contains information on our development philosophy, standards, tips and benchmarks of Weaviate and its tools (e.g. Contextionary and Clients). You can start contributing by for example looking at good first issues.

But also if you’re not here to contribute in code, you help Weaviate improve and grow by testing and giving us feedback through creating issues, asking questions on stackoverflow or in the community Slack channel.

More Resources

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please look at the:

  1. Knowledge base of old issues. Or,
  2. For questions: Stackoverflow. Or,
  3. For issues: Github. Or,
  4. Ask your question in the Slack channel: Slack.

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