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Cluster status

Weaviate Cloud (WCD) provides a web interface and an API endpoint that provide information about your Weaviate instance.

Web interface

When you log into the WCD web console, the Dashboard tab lists your clusters. Each cluster has a Details button. Click the Details button to see the following information:

  • Cluster URL
  • Weaviate core version
  • Authentication details
  • Active modules
  • Cluster creation time
  • Hosting provider
  • Storage Metrics
  • Billing information

The Details view also has an Advanced configuration button. Click on Advanced configuration to configure, or to check the status of, these additional settings:

  • Auto schema generation
  • Async indexing
  • CORS origins

API Endpoint

To get cluster details programmatically, use the nodes REST endpoint.

The nodes endpoint returns an array of nodes. The nodes have the following fields:

  • name: Name of the node.
  • status: Status of the node (one of: HEALTHY, UNHEALTHY, UNAVAILABLE, INDEXING).
  • version: Version of Weaviate running on the node.
  • gitHash: Short git hash of the latest commit of Weaviate running on the node.
  • stats: Statistics for the node.
    • shardCount: Total number of shards on the node.
    • objectCount Total number of indexed objects on the node.
  • shards: Array of shard statistics. To see shards details, set output == verbose.
    • name: Name of the shard.
    • class: Name of the collection stored on the shard.
    • objectCount: Number of indexed objects on the shard.
    • vectorQueueLength: Number of objects waiting to be indexed on the shard. (Available starting in Weaviate 1.22 when ASYNC_INDEXING is enabled.)


For help with Serverless, Enterprise SaaS, and Bring Your Own Cloud accounts, contact Weaviate support directly to open a support ticket.

For questions and support from the Weaviate community, try these resources:

To add a support plan, contact Weaviate sales.