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Query app

The Weaviate Cloud Services (WCS) query application (query app) is a browser-based GraphQL IDE. Use the query app to work interactively with your WCS clusters.

WCS query app

GraphiQL is built into the query app. GraphiQL provides many features that make GraphQL easier to use interactively:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Intelligent type ahead
  • Automatic completion for queries and variables
  • Real-time error highlighting and reporting for queries and variables

Open the query app

To open the query app, connect to your WCS WCS Dashboard. In the left-hand menu, click the stacked circle icon.

WCS query app location

Select a Weaviate instance

The query app connects directly to your WCS clusters. The query app can also connect to other Weaviate instances if you have the proper authorization credentials.

Connect to a WCS cluster

In this example, the WCS Dashboard is connected to an external instance as well as the two WCS instances.

Connected instances

The GraphQL console can be used to query any of the three instances.

Click the Query button for a cluster to open a console window connected to that cluster.

Alternatively, the query window includes a drop-down menu at the top of the screen which can be used to choose the desired instance.

Instance selection dropdown


The query app connects to WCS instances, sandboxes and managed clusters,without any additional authentication details.

Pass inference keys

To pass API keys for inference modules such as text2vec-cohere, text2vec-cohere, or text2vec-openai, use request headers. The Header tab is at bottom of the query screen. Add the service inference key to the query headers.

In this example, the X-OpenAI-Api-Key header sets the OpenAI API key.

How to add an API inference key to a WCS console query

The header can pass multiple keys.

How to add multiple API inference keys to a WCS console query

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