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Create an instance


This page will show you how to create a Weaviate instance on Weaviate Cloud Services (WCS).


  • You will need a WCS account.
  • We offer WCS instances at different service level access (SLA) tiers, including a free "sandbox" tier. Please review their details and pricing here and select one that suits you best.
Sandbox expiration

The sandbox is free, but it will expire after 14 days. After this time, all data in the sandbox will be deleted.

If you would like to preserve your sandbox data, you can retrieve your data, or contact us to upgrade to a production SaaS instance.

Instance creation steps

  1. Visit the WCS dashboard under your WCS account.
  2. Select your preferred SLA tier.
    1. In order to create a paid-tier (i.e. non-sandbox) instance, you must first add your billing info in WCS. We will contact you separately to arrange billing.
  3. Enter a unique instance name (note: this is not the same as your instance URL).
  4. Select (if applicable):
    1. Whether to enable authentication, and
    2. The host region.
  5. Lastly, when you are ready - click "Create" to create your cluster.

Important notes


WCS instances are typically configured with authentication enabled, except for sandboxes, for which authentication is optional.

Please see our authentication page for instructions and tips on how to authenticate against a WCS instance.

Instance version update

As later versions of Weaviate are released, you will have the ability to update your WCS instance to run on a later version.

Please note that due to testing and configuration work required in incorporating a version of Weaviate onto WCS, there may be a small delay between the release of a new Weaviate version and its availability on WCS.

More resources

Support & Troubleshooting

All Weaviate users are welcome to join our community Slack and forum.

Additionally, paid customers can also contact support via channels provided during cluster creation and/or on-boarding.

For general contact details please see this page.

Inference API status pages