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Upgrade a cluster

WCD does not automatically upgrade existing clusters when a new version of Weaviate core is released.

If you have a stand-alone cluster, an upgrade requires system downtime. Consider your business needs, and upgrade your cluster when you have a suitable maintenance window. There is no downtime if you have a high availability (HA) cluster.

Check the server version

Check for a Weaviate server update.

Console message

The console displays a notification message in the console when a new version is available.

WCD Upgrade notification message

Click to expand the notification. The notification displays a list of clusters that can be upgraded.

WCD Upgrade notification details

Details panel

To check if you are running the latest version of Weaviate, follow these steps.

  1. Connect to the WCD console, and find your cluster in the Dashboard tab.
  2. Click the "Details" button.
  3. Find the version tile in the details panel.

The tile has an "Update!" button when a newer version is available.

WCD Upgrade available indicator

Upgrade the server version

WCD restarts your cluster during an upgrade. A standard cluster is unavailable during the upgrade.

To avoid downtime, consider using high availability (HA) clusters for production workloads. An HA cluster upgrades one node at a time so the cluster is available during the upgrade.

To upgrade a cluster, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Upgrade!" button on the cluster details tile.
  2. Enter your cluster name in the text entry box.
  3. Click confirm.

WCD Upgrade confirmation

During the upgrade, the console displays a status indicator.

WCD update status indicator

The indicator goes way and WCD sends a confirmation email when the cluster is ready.

Cluster downtime

Weaviate introduces Raft, an improved cluster synchronization mechanism in v1.25. There is some downtime when you upgrade an HA cluster to 1.25 while the cluster switches to the new mechanism.


For help with Serverless, Enterprise SaaS, and Bring Your Own Cloud accounts, contact Weaviate support directly to open a support ticket.

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