Core knowledge about the Weaviate vector search engine

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Welcome to the Weaviate Core Knowledge guides.

Here, on this page, we’re not going to take too much of your time; it’s just an overview of the guides.

The purpose of these guides is to equip you with the core knowledge required to understand and use Weaviate.

All guides take about 5 minutes and you can jump back and forth between them.

Have fun working with Weaviate, and please do let us know on our Slack when you have questions or if you have a cool use case to share!

Before you start

In the guide, we make a few basic assumptions (you are somewhat familiar with databases, know what vector embeddings are, and can read essential JSON and GraphQL).

Weaviate Getting Started Guides

BasicsLearn the basics of Weaviate
ConsoleWorking with the Weaviate console
IndexingLearn about the indexing configuration in Weaviate
ClientsWorking with the Weaviate clients

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