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Other examples

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You can find more examples with Weaviate here.

Google Colab notebook: Getting started with the Python Clientpython (Google Colab)Google Colab notebook to learn to get started with the Python client. Contains plenty of example code.
Demo dataset News Publications with ContextionaryyamlDocker-compose configuration file of Weaviate with a News Publications demo dataset.
Demo dataset News Publications with Transformers, NER, Spellcheck and Q&AyamlDocker-compose configuration file of Weaviate with a News Publications demo dataset. The vectorization is done by a text2vec-transformers module, and the spellcheck, Q&A and Named Entity Recognition module are connected.
Weaviate simple schemaPythonEasy example of a schema and how to upload it to Weaviate with the Python client
Semantic search through wine datasetPythonEasy example to get started with Weaviate and semantic search with the Transformers module
Unmask Superheroes in 5 steps using the Weaviate NLP module and the Python clientPythonSuper simple 5 step guide to get started with the Weaviate NLP modules. This is a basic introduction to semantic search with Weaviate and the Python client.
Information Retrieval with BERT (Weaviate without vectorizer module)Python (Jupyter Notebook)In this example we are going to use Weaviate without vectorization module, and use it as pure vector database to use a BERT transformer to vectorize text documents, then retrieve the closest ones through Weaviate's Search

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