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Generative Feedback Loops

Improve your dataset with generated content

Use data produced by generative models to enhance user experiences and automate manual tasks.

Generative Feedback Loops with Weaviate

While vector search and RAG are popular AI use cases that many of our customers are moving to production with, we’re looking ahead to what’s next. Generative Feedback Loops take results generated from language models, vectorize them, and save them back into the database. This interaction between the models and dataset enables smarter automation of tasks like data cleaning and content creation.

Build on strong foundations

Create trustworthy feedback loops using Weaviate-powered vector search and RAG.

Clean up your data with less work

Automate the cleaning and organizing of existing data, such as adding tags or labels.

Deliver better user experiences

Personalize insights and deliver better AI-generated content, faster.

Hurricane: Writing Blog Posts with Generative Feedback Loops

Learn how to enhance blog posts, from creating new content to editing and analyzing existing material with Generative Feedback Loops.

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