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Nov 27 - 30, 2023

Weaviate at AWS re:Invent

Visit us at booth #1620 at AWS re:Invent to learn how to simplify building AI-native applications with our open source vector database.

Uncover the potential of GenAI

Establish foundations to scale

Explore the purpose-built vector database for secure, stateful, and explainable generative AI applications.

See it in action

Learn how to simplify building generative AI applications powered by search, retrieval augmented generation, and generative feedback loops. Get a hands on demo from the Weaviate team at booth #1620.

Attend our speaking session

Hear our CEO share what’s possible when you combine Weaviate with AWS infrastructure and services. Read our session description for more information and make sure to add it to your schedule!

Calling developers, architects, and (AI) builders of all levels

Meet with our leadership team to hear what’s ahead for AI-native applications, explore hands-on demos
and learn more about the power of Weaviate on AWS.

Attend our lightning talk

Vector databases are an emerging piece of the modern data stack, purpose-built for AI, that empower use cases like semantic search, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and generative feedback loops.Hear our CEO Bob van Luijt share the benefits of using an open source vector database as the foundation of your AI-native stack.

Meet with us

Book time to meet 1:1 with our team at BRERA osteria or right in our booth to learn about Weaviate and explore our latest offerings. Request a time to meet and we’ll get back to you to confirm your attendance.