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Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

Weaviate hosts and manages our database within your existing cloud environment, leveraging your cloud's native services. Our solution integrates seamlessly with AWS, GCP, and Azure, ensuring optimized performance and security.

Run Weaviate securely within your VPC.


Our BYOC architecture capitalizes on managed Kubernetes, ensuring scalability and resilience.

Shared reponsibility

Weaviate manages application-level security, provisioning, configuration, upgrades and patches with 24/7 monitoring and support. The customer ensures secure configuration of the broader cloud environment and access controls.

Non-disruptive updates

We release regular updates and critical patches using progressive roll out strategies to reduce disruption and ensure stability.

"Keeping our workflows within our own environment was a requirement for us. We chose Weaviate’s BYOC offering because it gave us the control we needed while still abstracting the burden of self-managing"

Lior Harel, CTO & Co-Founder,

Run Weaviate within your VPC

Take advantage of all the best vector search and RAG techniques while ensuring your data stays safe within your own cloud environment.


All the features of the AI-native vector database, with enhanced:

Container security

Images are scanned against known vulnerability databases before deployment.

Infrastructure as Code

We codify infrastructure to ensure a repeatable and version-controlled infrastructure deployment

Networking and data protection

Data encryption using TLS for data in transit. Private, isolated networks with strict ingress and egress rules.

Compliance with CIS Benchmark

Regular audits and automated compliance checks to ensure real-time adherence.

Dedicated Success Manager

Help to support and guide your team, and optimize your project's success and efficiency.

Onboarding & Education

We offer training courses, resources, and support for teams at any skill level and stage of your AI journey.

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