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Training courses, resources, and support options for builders of all levels. We’re with you on your AI journey.

Whether you’re using our cloud services or hosting
Weaviate on your own, we’re here to help you succeed.

Onboarding packages

Rolling out a new database can be daunting. With onboarding packages tailored to your needs, we’ll make sure you’re set up for success with Weaviate.

Enterprise support

We offer 24x7 enterprise support options for both Weaviate Cloud Services and open source users. If something goes wrong, we’ll be there to help.

Free on-demand learning

Keep your AI-native development skills fresh with self-paced courses offered through Weaviate Academy and DeepLearning.AI.

Live training

In addition to our documentation, guides, and on-demand learning, we host live workshops and office hours virtually or in person. Learn more

"I've never encountered a course that could pack so much information into such a concise format while still distinctly highlighting each critical point. The instructor is undoubtedly one of the best I've had the privilege of learning from"

Attendee, DeepLearning.AI course

Courses & Training

We've built these courses to help you build amazing things with Weaviate, faster.

Introduction to AI-Native Vector Databases

LinkedIn Learning

Zain Hasan's course offers an in-depth look at vector databases, highlighting their use in enhancing search accuracy and managing complex data through AI, with practical coding labs for real-world applications in sectors like e-commerce and social media.

Vector Databases: from Embeddings to Applications


In this course Sebastian Witalec dives into vector databases' essential to help you leverage embeddings for similarity searches and develop applications, from Retrieval Augmented Generation to multilingual searches, through hands-on labs and exploration of fast search algorithms.

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