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Enterprise Cloud

Tailored for businesses seeking high performance, Weaviate’s Enterprise Cloud solution provides the power of Weaviate on dedicated resources, ensuring consistent, high-speed results without the complexities of self-management.

The benefits of a managed service,
without the noisy neighbors.

Dedicated instance

Your data and operations are isolated within a dedicated tenant— boosting security, consistency, and performance.

Performance and reliability

Ensure your resources are available when you need them and optimized to support your applications.

Security and compliance

Enhanced security, continuous monitoring, and guaranteed adherence to industry standards and best practices.

“Weaviate’s Enterprise Cloud offering lets our team leverage innovative and open source technology with less management overhead, and in a way that satisfies our business needs.”

Director of Engineering in Legal Tech

Our team of experts will manage everything for you in a dedicated instance in Weaviate Cloud.

We help you run large-scale production workloads, without the complexities of self-management.


All the features of the AI-native vector database, with enhanced:

Predictability and simplicity

Reduce the guesswork with pre-scoped dimensions, storage, query, and latency parameters.

Data privacy

Data isolation keeps your data (and your customers’ data) safe, and helps with security and compliance.

Dedicated Success Manager

Help to support and guide your team, and optimize your project's success and efficiency.

Resource optimization

Each package is tailored to provide an optimal balance of resources based on your use case.

Professional Support

24/7 monitoring and support through email and phone to meet your needs.

Onboarding & Education

We offer training courses, resources, and support for teams at any skill level and stage of your AI journey.

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