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Community starts with YOU!

We are an open-source purpose-built vector database for secure, stateful, explainable generative AI applications.

Weaviate Hero Program at a Glance

The Weaviate Hero Program was brought to life to appreciate, recognize & celebrate members in our Community who contribute and engage in ways that make our Community “a great and safe place where people can learn, make friends, and grow. A place for giving and receiving.”

And who ultimately develop and share practices that help individuals in the group thrive. With this global program, we enable members to accelerate their knowledge, skills, and growth in the areas of Vector Databases, Search, and AI-native applications and become thought leaders through their activities and initiatives across the Weaviate Ecosystem.

The Why

By introducing a company-wide program we adhere to our open-source nature of being transparent, open, and supportive of knowledge sharing. We believe that a culture of giving and sharing leads to better and open innovation and contributes to a great AI landscape and ecosystem.

A Fun Fact

This program actually started with our internal Weaviate Hero initiative - where our employees can give shout-outs to co-workers who helped them strive and be successful. We believe that community starts inside the company and we would love to give some of this great experience back to our community!

Weaviate Hero Framework


Weaviate Heroes can contribute and engage across various channels and activities, like:

  • Slack & Discourse Community
  • GitHub
  • In Person Events
  • Livestreams & Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Blogposts


Weaviate Heroes are role models for other community members. They build valuable relationships and collaborate across the community and play an integral part to grow and nurture Weaviate’s Community.

They help make our Community a great and safe place for everyone.


Weaviate Heroes can redeem awesome benefits and rewards, for example

  • Cool Merch, Books & Credits
  • Dedicated channels
  • Participation in Weaviate hosted and sponsored events
  • Meet & greets
  • And much more…


We embrace Weaviate Heroes to accelerate and grow their skills and learning journey with dedicated educational material, activities and more :

  • Special education workshops
  • Internal roundtables with Weaviators
  • Access to dedicated content & material
  • Feature previews

Heroes are Community Role Models

Embracing Community Values

A Weaviate Hero acts like a real hero. They exemplify the best behavior, lead by example, and also support people to be their best selves and adhere to Weaviates Community Code of Conduct.

Culture first

Our Heroes are kind, open and inclusive. They are approachable and support community members to grow by engaging with them on different levels.

Sharing is Caring

Weaviate Heroes learn and share their knowledge and provide feedback that can contribute to the development and growth of our Community, it's members, the Hero Program, and Weaviate.

Meet our Heroes

Ron ParkerRon ParkerSenior Engineer
Travis RehlTravis RehlTechnologist & Product Leader
Patrice BourgougnonPatrice BourgougnonLead Developer