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Remote work at Weaviate

Weaviate is a fully remote company with people living and working across the world. This is the foundation of our culture. Together, we create a space for flexibility and growth, innovation, making work more fun and fulfilling.

Explore the advantages of a remote work culture

Enjoy the freedom to do your best work, connect with colleagues, and expand your knowledge working with cutting-edge technology and smart, motivated people.

Work that fits your life

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to do your best work, whenever and wherever you choose.

Global travel opportunities

Connect with colleagues worldwide and enjoy our annual company trip.

Culture of AI and innovation

Expand your role with cutting-edge technology and a creative team, encouraging experimentation and creativity.

Benefits and perks

Home office budget, flexible time off, and local benefits.


Weaviate around the world

As a remote company with distributed teams, we embrace the flexibility that comes from allowing our employees to live wherever they choose around the globe. Have a look where our people are living.

Join the team

At Weaviate we are committed to our values - the foundation of our company. They guide our decisions in ways that are better for our people, our business, and the future. We are looking for ambitious people globally. Join us, so we can expand and grow together.

"We believe that the benefits of remote work clearly outweigh any disadvantages. Let's face it: the old 9-5 workday didn't work for everyone. Some employees are morning people; others are night owls. Some people love to travel; they're energized by new sights and sounds and pump that energy into their work."

Jessie de Groot

Head of People & Culture