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Retrieval Augmented Generation

Build secure, explainable generative AI applications

Reduce hallucination and make conversational apps more reliable, without compromising data privacy.

RAG with Weaviate

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) incorporates external knowledge into a Large Language Model (LLM) to improve the accuracy of AI-generated content. Weaviate's design caters specifically to the demands of vector data, enabling unparalleled scalability and performance. This scalability is key in RAG applications, where the volume of data and the need for rapid retrieval is significant. Weaviate maintains high performance at scale, ensuring that the LLMs are always fed with the most relevant and timely data.

Keep data safe within your own environment

Weaviate can be self-hosted, or we can host and manage it for you within your own VPC environment.

Quickly integrate and test different LLMs

Connect to different LLMs with a single line of code. Iterate quickly as you find what suits your use case.

Serve the best answers to your users

Deliver accurate and contextual answers with powerful hybrid search under the hood.

Verba: building an open source modular RAG

Simplifying RAG adoption - personalize, customize, and optimize with ease

The AI-native database for a new generation of software