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We are hiring

Join us and be part of the future of search

At Weaviate we are committed to our values - the foundation of
our company. They guide our decisions in ways that are
better for our people, our business, and the future.

You can make an
Impact at Weaviate

Weaviate is a remote-first company that has big ambitions. Our product Weaviate is a vector database, which uses AI and machine learning to organize and search data in a completely new way.

With over 1.6 million downloads, Weaviate continues to grow. We are looking for ambitious people globally. Join us, so we can expand and grow our community of users!

What to expect from our interview process

Step 1

Introduction chat

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your ambitions and life goals. We’d like to know about you as a person - so feel free to tell us about your pet, hobbies or whatever it is that makes you smile. We’ll tell you about Weaviate, our challenges and what it’s like working for a remote company. Ask anything you like.

Member of the People & Culture team

30 min

Step 2

Meet your future team lead

You will have the chance to talk about your experience in greater depth. Give us insights into how your skills fit this role and we’ll share more details about the job’s responsibilities. Feel free to ask anything you like about the role and your future team.

Hiring Manager

1 hour

Step 3

Your challenge and follow-up interview

You will receive a Weaviate-related challenge. This assignment gives you insights into the type of work related to this role and it helps us determine your problem-solving skills. It’s not about giving the right answers, it's about how you approach a problem and come up with a solution. This will be followed by an interview where we discuss your solution.

Hiring manager and 1-2 team members

1 hour

Step 4

Are we a cultural fit?

To be able to have a strong remote culture, Weaviate needs to hire the right people with a good cultural fit. Let’s talk about your working style & preferences, and how it fits our values and company culture.

Member of the People & Culture team

45 min

Will you join Weaviate?

When you successfully complete these steps, we will make you an offer to join Weaviate. As part of our onboarding process, we will conduct a background check, and our offer is contingent upon the results of this check.

Let’s work together

All positions at Weaviate are fully remote. However, certain positions are located in specific regions.




Our benefits & perks

At Weaviate, we care about our people and therefore we invest in them. Some of our benefits and perks are...

Work equipment

This includes a shiny new MacBook and a budget for (upgrading) your home or digital office.

Flexible remote work

This includes working from
anywhere, decide which work
rhythm and balance works for
you, and you have flexibility
when taking time off.

Company trips

With a global distributed team,
we can treat ourselves to meet
each other in person in the
most beautiful places e.g. Italy.