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Hybrid Search

Take search to new
AI-powered heights

Blend vector, keyword, and multimodal techniques to deliver accurate, contextual search with less complexity.

Hybrid Search with Weaviate

While vector search is fundamental for AI-powered applications, traditional keyword search is still important for use cases where precision matters. Hybrid search in Weaviate combines keyword (BM25) and vector search to leverage both exact term matching and semantic context. By merging results within the same system, developers can build intuitive search applications faster.

Search across all of your data

Extract value from any data modality, including documents, images, audio files, and videos.

Simplify the development process

Build and iterate faster with built-in vectorizer, multimodal, and multilingual models.

Manage embeddings efficiently

Optimize performance and costs with filtering, multi-tenancy, and vector compression.


Beyond Vector Search: Taking a hybrid approach for better results

Discover the benefits of combining keyword and vector searches and implement hybrid search in your application.

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