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Long-Context Retrieval Models with Monarch Mixer

· 2 min read
Zain Hasan

A preview of the paper

A breakdown of the Long Context Retrieval Embedding Models from Stanford!💥

In Short⏩:

  1. They release 3 long context(2k/8k/32k) BERT-like encoder embedding models on HuggingFace

  2. The models are only 80M params and outperform MUCH larger models (4-85x larger)

  3. Accessible via @togethercompute endpoints and integrated into @llama_index and @LangChainAI

  4. They also release LoCo a long context retrieval benchmark.

🏗️Architechtural Details:

  1. They replace the Attention and MLP blocks in the transformer architecture with diagonal block matrix (Monarch Matrices -M2) operations which are hardware optimized and subquadratic in the sequence length - O(N^(1.5))

  2. This enables scaling sequence length and model parameters better.

🪃Training Details:

  1. These M2 models are trained for long context retrieval on a mixture of long and short context tasks data - surprisingly only training on long context doesn't work.

  2. Use a cosine similarity loss instead of the trusty supervised contrastive training loss.

    This loss function. can be computed independently per datapoint in a batch instead of needing to sum over all negative examples in a batch.

    Thus training can be scaled for large batch sizes of long context inputs without OOM'ing




🔗 arXiv Link

📜 Download paper

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