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Weaviate Support Offerings

Weaviate shall provide the following Support to Customer for the licensed products:

Support Access

Weaviate provides a ticketing system operated by the Weaviate technical team that brings product expertise. Support tickets can be opened 24x7.

Support Tickets

Incidents and questions should be reported through the user interface as documented on our website. Tickets should include:

  • Description of the issue and steps to reproduce
  • Error message
  • Screenshot of the console
  • Copy or screenshot of log files

Customer will work with Weaviate support personnel during the investigation of Support Tickets as reasonably needed and in a timely manner. Weaviate does not require and Customer shall not provide access to any personally identifiable information for purposes of the Agreement.

Slack Community

Our Slack community is available for everyone to discuss and share insights, although it is not an official channel for support.

Documentation Library

Weaviate’s online documentation includes technical and user documentation, API reference documents, troubleshooting techniques, relevant conceptual articles, tutorials, and external integration examples.

Support Plans and Target Response Times

Severity LevelCriteriaStandard SupportProfessional SupportBusiness Critical Support
Severity 1 (Critical)Issues that are critical and require immediate attention, causing widespread disruption or outages.1 Business day4 hours (24/7)1 hour (24/7)
Severity 2 (High)High-priority problems that can impact service functionality or performance for a subset of users.2 Business days8 hours (24/7)4 hours (24/7)
Severity 3 (Medium)Medium-priority concerns that affect service functionality or performance for a limited number of users or use cases.3 Business days1 Business day8 hours (24/7)
Severity 4 (Low)Lower urgency and impact, causing minor inconveniences or issues for individual users.5 Business days2 Business days1 Business day

Note: All (24/7) cases must be followed up via phone. Business hours are defined based on the current timezone of the contracting entity of Weaviate, starting at 9am and ending at 5pm. Public holidays are excluded.

Support Channels

  • Professional Support: Email during business hours
  • Business Critical Support: Email and 24/7 Phone hotline for escalations

Severity Levels

Weaviate shall categorize Support Tickets based on Customer’s characterization of the Severity Level. If Weaviate disagrees with Customer’s characterization of the Severity Level, Weaviate will notify Customer and the parties will act in good faith to establish a Severity Level. Weaviate shall provide an update on the investigation, resolution, or escalation of the Support Ticket within the response times set out in the table based on the Severity of the Support Ticket.

Scope of Service Inquiries

  • Support Requests: Incidents or problems encountered in the operation of the current Weaviate Product necessitating immediate attention to maintain or restore the expected service levels.
  • Service Requests: Inquiries from the Customer seeking additional services, new clusters, or modifications that extend beyond the existing scope of the Weaviate Product. These are categorized as non-urgent and project-based, requiring a separate assessment and planning process. The response and implementation timeline for these requests will be mutually determined, subject to resource availability, project complexity, and the terms set forth in the applicable Order Form.