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The AI-native database
for a new generation of

Bring intuitive applications to life with less
hallucination, data leakage, and vendor lock-in

Hybrid Search

Improve search experiences by merging vector and keyword techniques. Deliver contextual, precise results across all of your data in any modality, with less effort.

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Build trustworthy generative AI applications using your own data, with privacy and security top-of-mind. Surface relevant and accurate answers using your favorite LLMs.

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Feedback Loops

Make your dataset smarter by enriching it with AI-generated answers. Improve personalization and spend less time on manual data cleaning.

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Empower every developer to build AI-native applications

With flexible, reliable, open source foundations.

Software development is changing. Our open source vector database and surrounding offerings are designed to support developers and teams of all sizes on their AI journey.

With over 1M monthly downloads, Weaviate is a core piece
of the AI-native stack for developers and enterprises alike.

Why build with Weaviate

Weaviate is more than just a database. It’s a flexible platform
for building powerful, production-ready AI applications.

Perform lightning-fast pure vector similarity
search over raw vectors or data objects,
even with filters.


With Weaviate, you can bring your own vectors or choose one of our out-of-the-box modules with support for vectorization. You can also easily connect to a wide variety of well-known neural search frameworks.

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Secure, stateful, explainable GenAI—built on open source

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