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Weaviate Cloud Services

Weaviate Cloud Services (WCS) is a fully managed vector database in the cloud.

WCS manages the infrastructure so you can focus on innovation. Use WCS to simplify development and confidently deploy enterprise-ready AI applications.

WCS and Weaviate open-source

Weaviate is more than just a vector database. Weaviate is a scalable, flexible platform. The core, open source project offers vector search, keyword, and hybrid search. It has a plugable architecture to connect with ML models and tools to help you build scalable AI applications.

WCS is built on Weaviate core. They share the same technology, and offer the same great features. In addition, WCS handles the work of hosting your Weaviate instance. This gets you up and running fast and lets you focus on your application. WCS takes care of the operational details so you don't have to.

These pages document the WCS user interface (UI) and WCS specific operational features. For information about the Weaviate database, client APIs, third-party modules, and other features, see the Weaviate documentation site.

WCS solutions

WCS offers three types of cloud hosting:

Contact our sales team to discuss which solution is right for you.


  • WCS manages a serverless SaaS deployment.
  • Storage pricing is based on the vectors and objects you store.
  • Compute costs follow a consumption model.
  • Multiple SLA tiers are available.

Enterprise Dedicated

  • WCS manages an instance for you in the Weaviate Cloud.
  • Pricing is based on the host cluster.
  • Choose an optional high availability architecture.
  • Annual contracts provide predictable billing.
  • Multiple SLA tiers are available.

Bring Your Own Cloud

  • Weaviate manages the data plane and you manage your VPC.
  • Weaviate provides 24/7 support, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Pricing is based on CPU and RAM utilization.

Get started

Get started with WCS:


For questions and support, try the following resources:

Weaviate also offers paid support services. If you have a contract with Weaviate, contact your sales representative for details.