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Frequently asked questions


Q: Can I reset or change my account password?

Yes, you can do so on the WCS login page by clicking "Forgot Password".


Q: When will my sandbox expire?

Currently, it will expire in 14 days.

Q: How can I preserve my sandbox data?

If you would like to preserve your sandbox data, you can retrieve your data with our cursor API, or contact us to upgrade to a production SaaS instance.

Q: How many objects can I have in a sandbox instance?

There is no hard limit on the sandbox database size, but its performance may be limited for larger workloads (e.g. millions of objects) due to the provisioned resources.

Instance management

Q: Are WCS clusters backed up?

We do automated daily backups, and additionally whenever a Weaviate version is updated on the cluster.

Q: Can WCS clusters be updated to newer versions of Weaviate?

Yes. Once a new version is enabled on WCS, you will see a button next to the Weaviate version display on the cluster details to trigger the update.

Q: Are WCS clusters' resources automatically scaled?

Not currently. At the moment, we provision each instance for “most common” usage scenarios.

Q: What do I do if I prefer a heavier-load WCS instance?

If you feel that your use case requires a customized hardware provisioning, please reach out to us first. We can then work with you to evaluate and potentially create a managed cluster.


Q: What infrastructure does WCS run on?

Currently it runs on GCP, with plans to add AWS and Azure in the near future.


Q: Does the WCS console collect data from users?

The console never collects any data from your Weaviate instance; you can safely connect every instance, also over VPN.

Q: Can the WCS console connect to non-WCS instances?

Yes, the WCS console can connect to a Weaviate instance regardless of whether it is a WCS instance or not.


Q: Why can't I see my old WCS sandbox?

If you created a sandbox on our legacy system at, it will be visible through here but not on the new WCS (at

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Support & Troubleshooting

All Weaviate users are welcome to join our community Slack and forum.

Additionally, paid customers can also contact support via channels provided during cluster creation and/or on-boarding.

For general contact details please see this page.

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