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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for WCD.


Can I reset or change my account password?

Yes. Go the WCD login page and click the "Log in" button. Then, click "Forgot Password". Enter your email address on the next screen. WCD sends a reset email to the address you enter.

Where is my verification email?

If you do not receive a verification email, check your spam folder. If you still cannot find it, follow the steps to reset you password to get a new letter.

Instance management

Are WCD clusters backed up?

Yes. WCD has automated, daily backups. WCD also backs up your data before updating the version of Weaviate running on your cluster.

Can WCD clusters be updated to newer versions of Weaviate?

Yes. Click the "Details" button for your cluster. If a new version is available, click the "Update!" button when you have a suitable maintenance window. The button is only visible when there is a newer version available.

Are cluster resources scaled automatically?

Not currently. Clusters are provisioned for common usage scenarios. WCD monitors each instance to determine when a cluster needs to be resized.

Can I request more cluster resources?

Possibly. If you want to customize your cluster provisioning, contact our support team at to discuss possible solutions.


What infrastructure does WCD run on?

WCD runs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Amazon Web services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are on our roadmap.

WCD Console

Does the WCD console collect data from users?

The WCD console doesn't collect any data from your Weaviate instance. However, WCD does monitor your instances and collect operational data in order to manage them.

Can the WCD console connect to non-Weaviate Cloud instances?

Yes. The Weaviate GraphQL query app can connect to Weaviate instances outside WCD.


For questions and support, try the following resources:

Weaviate also offers paid support services. If you have a contract with Weaviate, contact your sales representative for details.