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Sandbox clusters are free. You do not need a billing account to create a Sandbox cluster.

Serverless clusters are charged for resource usage. The monthly charge is determined by your usage and your support level. You have to have a billing account to create a serverless cluster.

To estimate costs for different combinations of usage levels and SLAs, see the pricing calculator.

Create an account

Weaviate Cloud (WCD) uses Stripe for billing. To create a Stripe account follow these steps:

  1. On the Clusters tab, click the Create cluster button.
  2. Choose Managed cluster.
  3. Click the Add billing button.
  4. Select your location on the next screen.
  5. Continue to the Stripe account creation page.
  6. Create your Stripe account.

Usage charges

Usage charges reflect the number and size of the objects in your collection. Weaviate polls each collection to determine a daily object count.

  • If the objects are uncompressed, the billing system multiplies the object count by the number of dimensions to get the vectorDimensionsSum.
  • If the objects are compressed, the billing system multiplies the object count by the number of vector segments to get the vectorSegmentsSum.

The values are added together and normalized to get a base price. The base price is multiplied by the pricing rate for the cluster's SLA tier.

If the cluster has high availability, the pricing rate is multiplied by three.

There are significant cost savings when compression is enabled.

Support levels

Weaviate offers three levels of support, Standard, Professional, and Business Critical. Each support level (SLA) has a billing rate for usage and a minimum cost per month.

  • If the usage cost is less than the monthly minimum charge for the SLA, Weaviate bills the monthly minimum.
  • If the usage cost exceeds the monthly minimum, Weaviate bills the minimum amount plus any additional charges.

High availability

If you have a high availability (HA) cluster, WCD multiples the minimum charge and the usage charges by three to account for the additional resources.

Billing cycles

Billing runs on 30 day cycles. Charges are calculated for active clusters every 30 days; the billing periods are not aligned with calendar months.


For help with Serverless, Enterprise SaaS, and Bring Your Own Cloud accounts, contact Weaviate support directly to open a support ticket.

For questions and support from the Weaviate community, try these resources:

To add a support plan, contact Weaviate sales.