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Quickstart Tutorial

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Welcome to the Weaviate Quickstart tutorial.

This tutorial teaches you how to use Weaviate, from spinning up an instance to performing queries.

In this guide, we will show you how to:

  • Spin up an instance of Weaviate
  • Set up a database schema
  • Import data to populate the database, and
  • Perform queries to retrieve relevant data

You can also read briefly about modules, and the console.

Have fun working with Weaviate, and please do let us know when you have questions or if you have a cool use case to share!

Before you start

In the tutorial, we make a few basic assumptions (you are somewhat familiar with databases, know what vector embeddings are, and can read essential JSON and GraphQL).

We suggest you read the pages in order, like so:

InstallationInstall Weaviate
SchemaBuild a schema
ImportImport data
QueryRun queries using GraphQL and the RESTful API
(Optional) ModulesOverview of modules
(Optional) ConsoleOverview of the console