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These search how-to guides aim to help you find the data you want using Weaviate.


If you haven't yet, we recommend going through the Quickstart tutorial first to get the most out of this section.

We recommend starting with the query basics page.

  • It covers the basic syntax of a search (i.e. Get) query, and how to specify the properties you want to retrieve.

Then, move onto a how-to guide of your choice. We have separate how-to guides for:

  • Similarity: Covers nearXXX searches, which work by searching for objects with the most similar vector representation to the query.
  • Image: Similarity search involving images.
  • BM25: A keyword search that ranks results with the BM25F search function.
  • Hybrid: Combines BM25 and similarity search to rank results.
  • Generative: Feed search results to an LLM with a prompt using a generative module.
  • Reranking: Rerank retrieved search results using a reranker module.
  • Aggregate: Aggregate data from a results set.
  • Filters: Apply conditional filters to the search.

Each guide is self-contained. So you can read them in any order.