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References - Client Libraries

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You can interact with Weaviate by using the GraphQL or RESTful API directly, or with one of the available client libraries.

Currently Weaviate supports:

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If you want to contribute one or request for us to work on a particualar client, please let us know on Slack

With these clients you can perform all RESTful and GraphQL requests. This means you can use any endpoint, and perform all GraphQL queries directly from your Python, JS, Java or Go scripts!

How to use these clients for RESTful API requests and GraphQL queries, code snippets are included in the code blocks on the dedicated Restful API and GraphQL reference pages. The methods of the clients are designed to reflect the API functions 1-1, but are designed (structured and named) in the way native to the language.

Native vs GraphQL queries

When querying Weaviate you can choose to write your queries in GraphQL and send the raw GraphQL query to Weaviate or you can write the query natively to the client language you are using.

For example, if you were using the Weaviate Python client:

import weaviate

client = weaviate.Client("http://localhost:8080")

result = client.query.get("Article", ["title", "url", "wordCount"]).do()


Yields the same result as:

import weaviate

client = weaviate.Client("http://localhost:8080")

query = """
Get {
Article {

result = client.query.raw(query)


Client-specific functions

Additional to complete reflection of the RESTful and GraphQL API, the clients have some client-specific functions. These functions are documented on the client pages (Python, JavaScript, Java and Go). An overview of features of the clients:

FeaturePython clientJavaScript clientJava clientGo client
RESTful API endpointsVVVV
GraphQL AggregateVVVV
GraphQL ExploreVVVV
Uploading a full JSON schemaVXXX
Deleting a full JSON schemaVXXX
Check schemaVXXX

Command Line Interface (CLI)

You can interact with Weaviate via a command line interface. Information about how to install and use can be found here.

More Resources

If you can't find the answer to your question here, please look at the:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions. Or,
  2. Knowledge base of old issues. Or,
  3. For questions: Stackoverflow. Or,
  4. For issues: Github. Or,
  5. Ask your question in the Slack channel: Slack.