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TS_1. Intro to Weaviate with TS (or JS)

Watch the course

→ About Weaviate01:24
→ Prerequisites03:25
→ What is a vector database?06:32
Getting Started09:39
→ Weaviate Cloud Services setup10:47
→ Inference API setup12:54
→ Client library setup14:31
Loading Data19:37
→ Creating a schema19:56
→ Loading data objects23:15
→ Class properties29:29
→ Run queries32:20
→ Generative search / retrieval augmented generation39:09
Thank you43:10

Course overview

This self-contained, practical video course will teach you the basics of Weaviate, and how to integrate it to a TypeScript (or JavaScript) app.


  • Working knowledge of TypeScript (or JavaScript).
  • A Node.js environment.
  • An OpenAI API key.
    • You can get one here.
    • Others (like Cohere, Palm, etc.) will also work, but you will need to adapt the code.
  • (Optional) Foundational knowledge of databases.

Learning objectives

  Here, we will cover:

Learning Goals
  • The basics of Weaviate, and how to integrate it to a TypeScript app.

  By the time you are finished, you will be able to:

Learning Outcomes
  • Create a cloud (WCS) instance fo Weaviate.
  • Gain an understanding of what a vector database is.
  • Define a schema (collection definition) and import data.
  • Perform queries on your data.
  • Integrate Weaviate into your TypeScript/JavaScript app.