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Run Weaviate on Kubernetes

Unit overview

In this short, project-based unit, you will learn how to deploy Weaviate on Kubernetes, a popular container orchestration platform.

You will learn how to set up a local Kubernetes cluster and deploy a Weaviate instance on Kubernetes. You will also learn how to configure the Weaviate instance on Kubernetes.

Learning objectives

  Here, we will cover:

Learning Goals
  • What Kubernetes is, and why it is used.
  • How to set up a local Kubernetes cluster.
  • Run a Weaviate instance on the local Kubernetes cluster.
  • How to configure Weaviate running on Kubernetes.

  By the time you are finished, you will be able to:

Learning Outcomes
  • Describe what Kubernetes is at a high level
  • Set up minikube on your local device and run a multi-node cluster.
  • Deploy Weaviate with replication on the multi-node cluster.
  • Modify configurations and perform a rolling update on the Weaviate instance.