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Next steps

Congratulations. You have successfully deployed Weaviate on your Kubernetes cluster, and scaled it to a multi-node setup. 🎉

You can now explore the following resources to learn more about Weaviate and how to use it:

We have the following beginner courses available for Python:

And for TypeScript/JavaScript:

What you could explore, then, is how to adapt these examples to a multi-node case with replication and/or sharding.

If you are interested in the architecture behind replication and sharding, please check out the following resources:

Then, check out the section on resource planning to estimate how much resources each node of a particular size might be able to handle, and how to plan your cluster accordingly.

If you have replication configured, you can apply tunable consistency concepts to read/write operations as well as queries.

Further reading

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Questions and feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know in the user forum.