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Environment variables


This page includes a comprehensive list of environment variables that can be used to configure Weaviate in a Docker or a Kubernetes deployment.

List of environment variables


VariableDescriptionTypeExample Value
ENABLE_MODULESWhich modules to enable in the setup?string - comma-separated listtext2vec-openai,generative-openai
DEFAULT_VECTORIZER_MODULEDefault vectorizer module - will be overridden by any class-level value defined in the schemastringtext2vec-contextionary
AUTOSCHEMA_ENABLEDWhether to infer the schema where necessary with the autoschema (default: true)string - true/falsetrue
QUERY_MAXIMUM_RESULTSSets the maximum total number of objects that can be retrieved.string - number10000
QUERY_DEFAULTS_LIMITSets the default number of objects to be returned in a query.string - number25
GOMEMLIMITSet the memory limit for the Go runtime. This should match your available memory, such as 10-20% of your total memory for Weaviate. The Go runtime tries to make sure that long-lived and temporary memory allocations do not exceed this value by making the Gargabe Collector more aggressive as the memory usage approaches the limit. Learn more about GOMEMLIMIT.string - memory limit in SI uints4096MiB
GODEBUGControls debugging variables within the runtime. See official Go docs.string - comma-separated list of name=val pairsgctrace=1
LOG_LEVELSets the Weaviate logging level.

Default: InfoLevel. General operational entries.
debug: Very verbose logging.
trace: Even finer-grained informational events.
LOG_FORMATSet the Weaviate logging format

Default: Outputs log data to json. e.g.: {"action":"startup","level":"debug","msg":"finished initializing modules","time":"2023-04-12T05:07:43Z"}
text: Outputs log data to a string. e.g. time="2023-04-12T04:54:23Z" level=debug msg="finished initializing modules" action=startup
ORIGINSet the http(s) origin for Weaviatestring - HTTP origin
PERSISTENCE_DATA_PATHWhere should Weaviate Standalone store its data?string - file path/var/lib/weaviate
PERSISTENCE_LSM_ACCESS_STRATEGYFunction used to access disk data in virtual memorystringmmap (default) or pread
DISK_USE_WARNING_PERCENTAGEIf disk usage is higher than the given percentage a warning will be logged by all shards on the affected node's disk. See Disk Pressure Warnings and Limits for details.string - number80
DISK_USE_READONLY_PERCENTAGEIf disk usage is higher than the given percentage all shards on the affected node will be marked as READONLY, meaning all future write requests will fail. See Disk Pressure Warnings and Limits for details.string - number90
ASYNC_INDEXING(Experimental as of v1.22.)

If set, Weaviate creates vector indexes asynchronously to the object creation process. This can be useful for importing large amounts of data. (default: false)
string - true/falsefalse
REINDEX_SET_TO_ROARINGSET_AT_STARTUPAllow Weaviate to perform a one-off re-indexing to use Roaring Bitmaps.

Available in versions 1.18 and higher.
string - true/falsetrue
PROMETHEUS_MONITORING_ENABLEDIf set, Weaviate will collect metrics in a Prometheus-compatible formatstring - true/falsefalse
PROMETHEUS_MONITORING_GROUPIf set, Weaviate will group metrics for the same class across all shards.string - true/falsetrue
BACKUP_*Various configuration variables for backup provider modules. They are outlined in detail on the Backups page.


VariableDescriptionTypeExample Value
CONTEXTIONARY_URLService-Discovery for the contextionary containerstring - URLhttp://contextionary
TRANSFORMERS_INFERENCE_APIThe endpoint where to reach the transformers module if enabledstringhttp://t2v-transformers:8080
CLIP_INFERENCE_APIThe endpoint where to reach the clip module if enabledstringhttp://multi2vec-clip:8000
IMAGE_INFERENCE_APIThe endpoint where to reach the img2vec-neural module if enabledstringhttp://localhost:8000

Authentication & Authorization

VariableDescriptionTypeExample Value
AUTHENTICATION_ANONYMOUS_ACCESS_ENABLEDAllow users to interact with weaviate without authstring - true/falsetrue
AUTHENTICATION_APIKEY_ENABLEDEnable API key-based authenticationstring - true/falsefalse

Each key corresponds to a specific user identity below.
string - comma-separated listjane-secret-key,ian-secret-key

Each identity corresponds to a specific key above.
string - comma-separated,ian-smith
AUTHENTICATION_OIDC_ENABLEDEnable OIDC-based authenticationstring - true/falsefalse
AUTHORIZATION_ADMINLIST_ENABLEDEnable AdminList Authorization modestring - true/falsetrue
AUTHORIZATION_ADMINLIST_USERSUsers with admin permissionstring - comma-separated,
AUTHORIZATION_ADMINLIST_READONLY_USERSUsers with read-only permissionstring - comma-separated,

Multi-node setups

VariableDescriptionTypeExample Value
CLUSTER_HOSTNAMEHostname of a nodestringnode1
CLUSTER_GOSSIP_BIND_PORTPort for exchanging network state information.string - number7102
CLUSTER_DATA_BIND_PORTPort for exchanging data.string - number7103
CLUSTER_JOINThe service name of the "founding" member node in a cluster setupstringweaviate-node-1:7100