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Jina AI + Weaviate

New Documentation

The model provider integration pages are new and still undergoing improvements. We appreciate any feedback on this forum thread.

Jina AI offers a wide range of models for natural language processing. Weaviate seamlessly integrates with Jina AI's APIs, allowing users to leverage Jina AI's models directly within the Weaviate database.

These integrations empower developers to build sophisticated AI-driven applications with ease.

Integrations with Jina AI

Embedding integration illustration

Jina AI's embedding models transform text data into high-dimensional vector representations, capturing semantic meaning and context.

Weaviate integrates with Jina AI's embedding models to enable seamless vectorization of data. This integration allows users to perform semantic and hybrid search operations without the need for additional preprocessing or data transformation steps.

Jina AI embedding integration page


These integrations enable developers to leverage Jina AI's powerful models directly within Weaviate.

In turn, they simplify the process of building AI-driven applications to speed up your development process, so that you can focus on creating innovative solutions.

Get started

You must provide a valid Jina AI API key to Weaviate for these integrations. Go to Jina AI to sign up and obtain an API key.

Then, go to the relevant integration page to learn how to configure Weaviate with the Jina AI models and start using them in your applications.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know in the user forum.