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Example use cases and demos

This page illustrates various use cases for vector databases by way of open-source demo projects. You can fork and modify any of them.

If you would like to contribute your own project to this page, create an issue on GitHub.

A vector databases enables fast, efficient similarity searches on and across any modalities, such as text or images, as well as their combinations. Vector database' similarity search capabilities can be used for other complex use cases, such as recommendation systems in classical machine learning applications.

Plant searchSemantic search over plants.TextJavaScript
Wine searchSemantic search over wines.TextPython
Book recommender system (Video, Demo)Find book recommendations based on search query.TextTypeScript
Movie recommender system (Blog)Find similar movies.TextJavaScript
Multilingual Wikipedia SearchSearch through Wikipedia in multiple languages.TextTypeScript
Podcast searchSemantic search over podcast episodes.TextPython
Video Caption SearchFind the timestamp of the answer to your question in a video.TextPython
Facial RecognitionIdentify people in imagesImagePython
Image Search over dogs (Blog)Find images of similar dog breeds based on uploaded image.ImagePython
Text to image searchFind images most similar to a text query.MultimodalJavaScript
Text to image and image to image searchFind images most similar to a text or image query.MultimodalPython

Vector databases and LLMs go together like cookies and milk!

Vector databases help to address some of large language models (LLMs) limitations, such as hallucinations, by helping to retrieve the relevant information to provide to the LLM as a part of its input.

Verba, the golden RAGtriever (Video, Demo)Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system to chat with Weaviate documentation and blog posts.TextPython
HealthSearch (Blog, Demo)Recommendation system of health products based on symptoms.TextPython
Magic ChatSearch through Magic The Gathering cardsTextPython
AirBnB Listings (Blog)Generation of customized advertisements for AirBnB listings with Generative Feedback LoopsTextPython
DistyllSummarize text or video content.TextPython

Learn more in our LLMs and Search blog post.


Weaviate can leverage its vectorization capabilities to enable automatic, real-time classification of unseen, new concepts based on its semantic understanding.

Toxic Comment ClassificationClassify whether a comment is toxic or non-toxic.TextPython
Audio Genre ClassificationClassify the music genre of an audio file.ImagePython

Other use cases

Weaviate's modular ecosystem unlocks many other use cases of the Weaviate vector database, such as Named Entity Recognition or spell checking.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)tbdPython

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know in the user forum.